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AI for Sales, Finance & HR Teams

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Meet Avo - your newest team member!
Here is what it can do for you

Avo learns
about your organization

By learning about your business, people, customers and finances in a safe and secure way, Avo gets trained to apply the power of AI to help you and your team make better business decisions more efficiently. 

Avo learns by analyzing your data across 3 channels:
Software integrations  e.g CRM, HRIS tool, ERP, etc
Organizational documents e.g docs, xlsx, csv, pdf
Avo survey tool for employees and customers

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Avo Delivers

From pulling performance reports to writing blog posts to analyzing employee flight risks, once trained on your data, Avo can deliver what you need in real time to help you and your team maximize your productivity:

- Reporting e.g  pipeline, attrition,  churn, ROI, or any other metric or report you might need, Avo can pull it instantly
Planning e.g hiring, forecasting, go to market
Tasks e.g draft policies, communications, sequences, blog posts, ad copy
Research e.g new markets, competitors, customer segments, compensation, engagement

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Avo Protects

- SOC2 Compliance: Ensuring stringent oversight and robust system controls.

End-to-End Encryption: Your data remains confidential throughout its journey.

GDPR-Compliant: Upholding your personal data rights to the highest standard.

OpenAI API Integration: Your data is safe, it won't be used to train models, maintaining your privacy.

Powered by AWS: Leveraging world-class infrastructure for additional data security.

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